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We are Summit Squad, a mobile games studio in Calgary, Canada focused on making exciting, innovative game experiences that deliver an impact! We believe that creating awesome gaming experiences happen when they are developed by working in a small collaborative creative team that controls the whole process – from idea to an outstanding game. Everyone is expected to have a razor-sharp focus on what creates tangible impact: impact on their team, impact on their work environment and impact on the overall company strategy.

Join a team of professionals where talent-feeds-talent that cares deeply about what we do and want to inspire play every day. We have a close connection with the player community that gets us instant feedback which enables us to deliver those impactful experiences. Game development is a team effort, so we work together to achieve the best results, trust each other’s skills, and value each other’s work. All of us are driven by the amazing opportunity to make a game played by millions of players better and better.

A Game Designer's Impact

As a Game Designer you will have significant impact on our product, making pivotal decisions and directly shaping its future. This is about bold moves, listening to understand your players basecamp; it's about having direct influence on the game's direction and success.

Your impact will reverberate through the team culture. You'll foster an environment of innovation, encouraging every team member to explore their creative potential. By nurturing a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, you'll empower all team members to share ideas, grow their skills, and embrace a passion for excellence.

To be successful in this role, you will need to have absolute passion and defiant determination to producing great games and being aligned with Summit Squad’s core values to ensure that we can deliver world-class mobile games.

Summit Squad?
You thrive in a strongly supported culture and values.
You want to work with a team of exceptionably talented people and industry pioneers.
You want to be part of an exceptional experience, with a growing company!
You enjoy the challenging and rewarding work creating amazing mobile games.
Your voice is valuable. We are a result of our collective work.
What you'll do:

Features / Balancing

  • Creating design docs, drawings, diagrams, flowcharts, and any other necessary documents to communicate design functionality and vision
  • Prototype UI / UX game designs and integration
  • Develop and improve gameplay features, and shape the way in which they'll develop in the upcoming years
  • Balance existing gameplay elements to ensure healthy engagement KPIs, and maintain a healthy state of the overall game meta
  • Provide multiple potential designs and solutions, articulate trade-offs and risks between different options
  • Create new features that improve long-term player satisfaction, and provide more monetization opportunities
  • Design, plan, and execute engaging in-game events, promotions, and sales to drive player engagement and revenue.
  • Create and manage a comprehensive in-game event schedule, ensuring a balanced and engaging player experience over time
  • Work closely with the team on shared goals while individually delivering complete work
  • Ship production grade mobile games played by millions of gamers

Game Economy

  • Balance customer experience and revenue opportunity for in-game currency and virtual goods
  • Deconstruct and analyze competitors mobile games, mechanics and enhancing our game's monetization models
  • Create economy models and tuning/balancing simulations to find harmony in your systems and economy design
  • Designing, implementing, tuning and balancing economic models, game systems and progression paths, gathering feedback and adjusting the design accordingly
  • Design the economic systems to drive players to play and enhance their game experience
  • Investigate different macroeconomy models for different segments of users
  • Utilize data-driven insights to evaluate the in-game economy, virtual goods pricing, and resource distribution, maintaining a balanced and compelling player progression experience
  • Continually iterating, balancing and tuning the game’s economy based on feedback from the game teams, data, user testing and the broader player community

Share / Learn:

  • Be passionate and brainstorm new ideas collaboratively with your extremely talented Squad to continually iterate to create compelling player experiences that will delight users for decades
  • Work closely with the rest of the Squad to ensure that new gameplay supports the overall game vision and roadmap
  • Remain up-to-date with game design literature, new mobile titles, and standard methodologies to be an evangelist for the craft of game design
  • Share your knowledge with your Squad
What we're looking for:
  • Absolute passion for playing and making great games
  • Working 3+ years in the gaming industry, preferably on a mid-core game
  • Extensive understanding, skills and experience with free-to-play game design
  • Understanding of systems, mechanics and feature design
  • Solid knowledge of game balancing and pacing
  • Logical thinker with strong attention to detail. Working with numbers and analyzing data is your second nature, and Excel is a go-to in your toolkit
  • Expert or exposure to math and formulas in game environment
  • Problem solver and a creative thinker that can provide insightful and innovative solutions to any problem
  • Ability to communicate game concepts in a strong and concise way
  • Strong understanding of game design principles and player psychology
  • Wide understanding of different player preferences and audience segments
  • Experience with defining tasks and communicating details about target player experiences
  • Creativity and a sense of UX and visual design
  • Thrive on change and can adapt to changing needs and requirements
  • Ability to incorporate feedback from your team into your work and use it to learn and grow in your role
  • Familiarity with working in a scrum/agile environment
Extra Power-ups
  • Designing UI /UX; experience with Figma, Sketch, or similar.
  • Experience with Unity, Unreal, Godot, basically any game engine
  • UI Designs in Photoshop
  • Experience creating or working on a live-service title
  • Experience with real-time, multiplayer games
  • Experience working closely with BI tools like Tableau to understand the data and create a plan to improve KPIs
  • Knowledge of macro, microeconomics, pricing theory, and statistics, especially in the free-to-play gaming industry, with the ability to model problems into quantitative systems, formulate ratios and indexes specific to each game
  • Experience as an Economy Designer or  Systems Designer, with fluency in F2P. OR Strong economics and math skills
  • Programming or scripting skills (LUA, etc.)
  • Spreadsheet wizardry
  • Post-secondary education in Game Design, Economics, Mathematics, Marketing...or some kind of combination of the above
About Summit Squad

We are a mobile games company based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Our squad consists of mobile game industry veterans producing successful games played by millions of people around the world. Our passion is creating games that have endless fun, depth, joy, competition, and community, inspiring players to have long-lasting and rewarding experiences every day.

Benefits & Perks

Creating incredible gaming moments requires the best from our talent and that means we need you at your best. At Summit Squad, we're committed to making sure you can succeed by offering a competitive array of benefits.


Competitive salary, opportunities for equity participation. We always check the market to make sure our pay is competitive.

Continuous Learning & Development

We thrive in the fast-paced and constant evolution of the gaming industry. Keep on learning. We want to see you advance your skills and bring those learnings to the squad.

Flex Working

Flexible time-off and hours policies. Avoid burnout and have the energy to do your best work.


Doing your best work requires being your best self. Join a gym. We offer a wellbeing allowance.


Medical, Dental, Vision is covered by a health spending account.

Play Fund

Summit Squad’s annual play fund allows you to broaden your gaming knowledge and bring those ideas to the squad.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Summit Squad, we look after one another to ensure a safe working environment. We treat others with kindness regardless of who they are, where they are from, or how they identify and leverage those learned experiences to drive innovation, solve challenges, that leads to create great awesome player experiences.

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We are in Calgary!

We are a Canadian company nestled near the majestic Rocky Mountains in Calgary, located in the Beltline district on 17th Ave SW. Our city consistently earns high marks for its exceptional quality of life and has been recognized as one of the cleanest cities globally by Forbes Magazine.

Calgary is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, boasting restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisines from around the world. The backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and the surreal landscapes further enhance the city's charm.

In addition to its picturesque settings and culinary delights, Calgary is a hub for winter sports enthusiasts, with ideal locations for skiing and snowboarding

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