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Summit Squad

We are a small team of mobile game industry veterans producing successful games played by millions of people around the world. Our passion is creating games that are meaningful, emotional, memorable, long-lasting, and deliver strong connections and competition among players and played every day.

Creativity, Collaboration & Empowerment

Our culture is our most important investment in the company's future. It manifests through our daily actions, the decisions we make, and the challenges we face. It is rooted in an unwavering trust and guided by the collective consensus of our entire squad. We hold ourselves accountable to each other so that our work environment can produce amazing player experiences.

At Summit Squad we are entrepreneurial, we take smart risks, we learn fast, and we share.


Our values serve as our guiding path, reflecting the shared beliefs of our team on how to attain the results needed for us to reach the pinnacle of success. These values form the bedrock upon which our company's culture is constructed, making this an exceptional workplace dedicated to creating successful games.


We have a mindset that is geared towards winning as a team. We are driven by our mission and contribute towards the overarching vision that considers the long-term perspective for the company's well-being. It means prioritizing the needs of the business is the prime directive.

Integrity &

We consistently prioritize what's best for our team and our players. By default, we assume good intentions and nurture trust, fostering effective communication. We make informed decisions while embracing both freedom and responsibility. Our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism guides us, and we approach every interaction with empathy, sincerity, a willingness to understand each other's perspectives, honesty, clarity, and a profound respect for each person as an individual and as a professional.


Players are the at the center of everything we do. We strive to create engaging and empowering experiences that are meaningful, emotional, memorable, long-lasting and deliver strong connections and competition among our players. We explore ideas and create reasons for our players to return to our games every day. With every game feature, we aim to provide richer experiences to the player and deliver something of value to the company. We are data-driven and numbers obsessed but also gut-guided in our decisions that challenges our assumptions. We always carefully listen-to-understand our players to what motivates them and have effective processes to incorporate their feedback into our development. We have an unyielding resolve to deliver the best player experiences we can.

Embrace The

Our journey to the summit is a daily adventure where we celebrate our successes and challenge obstacles in our path. Every day is an opportunity to make richer experiences for both our Squad and Players. We inspire each other to have fun, and work dynamically to continuously improve the experiences that we have together. Be a member of positive change and encourage others to explore personal goals and contribute toward the Squad’s shared aspirations. We face both exciting and difficult projects with enthusiasm with a defiant determination to persevere towards delivering positive results. We together, celebrate these adventures.

Passion &

Boldy pursue ambitious goals and inspire others to collaborate achieving a greater level of results. Be optimistic, see things through. We measure ourselves against the results, be fast and fluid and continually iterate towards greatness. Insist on high standards, and discovery new ways to increase operational excellence, ultimately delivering better experiences in the long run ensuring that every Squad member is empowered to succeed, so that we all win together and have lots of fun doing it.

Be hungry,
Stay Humble,
Teach & Learn.

Reject complacency, be open, show initiative, share experiences, and activity learn from your Squad. Approach adversity with optimism and ambition. Be intensely curious, ask questions regardless of your area of expertise. Seek a best-idea wins approach, regardless from whom its from, we are all in this together! Challenge your mindset to evolve and be better, learn from failures and celebrating the wins. Actively seek feedback, listen, learn and be honest with ourselves, knowing that this is integral to our ongoing improvement.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Summit Squad, we look after one another to ensure a safe working environment. We treat others with kindness regardless of who they are, where they are from, or how they identify and leverage those learned experiences to drive innovation, solve challenges, that leads to create great awesome player experiences.


Together, we will create high-quality mobile games that players will enjoy for years.

Senior Graphics Engineer (REMOTE)

Are you an uber/expert building graphics engine frameworks in OpenGL? Well, if you are, we want to hear from you!

Principal C++ Software Engineer

Extensive technical/industry knowledge, strong leadership and strategic planning with a wide range of experience in game development?

Machine Learning Engineer
DATA / Engineering

Data is your wheelhouse, math is fun, creating data clusters and using those findings to create  real-time player experiences is super cool!

Game Designer

You love game design, mechanics, creating awesome player experiences, level creation, progression, and economies? Right?

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